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What am I seeing on my outside home siding?

Seeing a taint on your residence exterior siding dominates, specifically without normal upkeep on your residence. Part of the reason discoloration is so common on house siding is that there are a number of different kinds. In this post, our goal is to inform you of the types of stains most usually found on the side of your house as well as what commonly tends to create them.

Normal Stains on Exterior Siding


Dirt is one of the most common discolors you will certainly see on your house. There are great deals of ways that dirt links itself to your house siding, a few of which are brought on by the elements. For example, if there is a bad tornado with a great deal of wind, loose dirt as well as mud can be blown through the air as well as end up on your house. Vice versa, you can in addition develop dust to end up on your exterior home siding while you are landscaping or something similar around your house.


If you are seeing green stuff on your house siding, mainly located on the northside of the residence, it indicates that algae has actually connected itself to the house home siding. Algae is one of the most usual developments that house owners will definitely see in their residence. The origins of algae on outside siding are not always clear, yet the most routine source originates from bodies of water. For example, Lake Erie houses algal flowering that is gotten worse by sewer and water drainage into the lake. This pollution allows the algae to feed and expand, which it will do as quickly as it becomes airborne and begins to affix itself to and feed off the dirt on your house siding. While algae will not create any kind of structural damages, it can install itself right into the home siding if it is not taken care of.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew basing on exterior siding are triggered by the build-up of moisture on the home siding. The chance of mold and mildew expanding on house siding increases when the moisture comes from an area of your home that gets little to no sunlight. Like algae, mold and mildew feed off dirt that is already present on the exterior home siding. Both mold as well as mildew are fungus, nevertheless they have different desires. Mold is mostly green or black in color while mildew has a tendency to array from white to yellow. Mold as well as mildew must especially be gotten rid of as a result of the wellness risks it provides.

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